Our Services

The services provided by Al-Najm Al-Mudiy

Import and Export
One of the most important activities of the company is import and export as it imports all kinds of products and orders
Trade tools

The company works in the trade of household and electrical appliances of all kinds

Equipment trade

The Company is engaged in the trade of equipment, machinery, and spare parts

Architectural construction

Al-Najm Al-Mudiy Company


The Company provides transportation for non-agents

Oil services

The company has oil and gas field services

spare parts

Al-Najm Al-Mudiy Company

Auto parts for non-dealers

Engineering services

Al-Najm Al-Mudiy Company

Engineering and architectural services and designs

Other activities

Specialized in many activities (roads – construction and architectural – buildings and gardens – engineering consulting)


Al-Najm Al-Mudiy Company is engaged in selling wholesale of all kinds

Commercial Agencies

Al-Najm Al-Mudiy Company

Public relations

Al-Najm Al-Mudiy Company

Coordination services and foreign companies